Instructional courses in hand surgery – Manchester

Kedves Kollégák!

A Magyar Kézsebész Társaság FESSH delegátusaként, Dr. Rupnik Jánostól érkezett információ az alábbi lehetőségről. 2018. február 2-3. között kerül megrendezésre Manchesterben „Instructional Course in Hand Surgery” címmel egy előadássorozat. A kurzus normál díja 300 GBP. A kelet-európai régióból jelentkező kollégák számára egy kedvezményes ajánlatot kaptunk. Az engedményes regisztrációs díj 100 GBP.

Lindsay Muir levelét és a részletes programot angol nyelven mellékeltük.


Dr. Lenkei Balázs


Magyar Kézsebész Társaság





Dear All,

Further to our recent discussions, here is the programme.

The normal price is £300.  We have agreed to offer the course to participants from Eastern Europe for £100 (approx. 115 Euros at present rates of exchange).

On the Thursday night before is the exam orientation course.  This would be a good way for your trainees to have viva practice with English speakers.  The price for this is £30 for anyone attending the course (normal price £50).

Getting to Manchester

There are flights from Budapest (Ryanair, from HUF 24,000, and Jet2) and from Gdansk, Krakow, Rzeszow, Warsaw and Wroclaw (also Ryanair) and Krakow again (EasyJet).

The conference is at the Manchester Conference Centre.  It has rooms from approximately £85 per night bed and breakfast.  Probably there are similar economical options.

Please let me know if you need any further info.  I am happy for any of your trainees to email for further info.

With kindest regards and many thanks for distributing the information.




Instructional courses in hand surgery

Manchester Conference Centre

2 -3 February 2018


Friday 2 February

08.50 Introduction Mr Lindsay Muir
Flexor tendons
Chairman: Miss Gill Smith
09.00 15 Suture materials and biomechanics of tendon sutures Mr Vijay Bhalaik
09.15 15 Principles of flexor tendon repair including choice of suture, number of strands and epitendinous, configuration of strands Professor Jin Bo Tang
09.30 15 management of pulleys when to vent, management of tendons in zone 2 when to strip tendon; Professor Jin Bo Tang
09.45 15 Tips and tricks, including spaghetti wrist, how to manage Camper’s chiasma Mr Mark Pickford
10.00 15 Rehab of flexor tendon injury including physiology Mrs Alison Roe
10.15 15 Evidence in flexor tendon injury surgery Mr Thomas Giesen
10.30 15 questions
10.45 25 Coffee and refreshments
Amputations and extensor tendon injury
Chairman: Mr Fortune Iwuagwu
11.10 10 Amputations principles, with particular reference to tendons. Only CMC joint and distal Mr Zaf Naqui
11.20 15 Mallet finger and mallet fracture and open mallet finger incl Seymour # Miss Alexandra Hazelrigg
11.35 20 extensor tendon injuries and tendon imbalance, including contractures and intrinsic problems Mr Anuj Mishra
12.00 15 extensor tendon adhesions – tips and tricks Mr Thomas Giesen
12.15 20 Management of central slip and boutonniere Mr Mark Pickford
12.35 20 Management of swan neck Miss Grainne Bourke
12.55 15 Questions
13.10 55 Lunch
CVA and CP and tetraplegia
Chairman: Miss Grainne Bourke
14.05 20 Cerebral palsy and hemiplegia a neurology view Dr Krystyna Walton
14.25 20 assessment and non surgical treatment CP and hemiplegia Dr Krystyna Walton
14.45 20 Principles of management of CP Dr Caroline Leclercq
15.05 20 Principles of management of spasticity Dr Caroline Leclercq
15.25 15 questions
15.40 30 Tea
CVA and CP and tetraplegia
Chairman: Mr Mark Pickford
16.10 20 Principles of management of hemiplegia Miss Gill Smith
16.30 20 Principles of management of Tetraplegia Mr Simon Pickard
17.00 20 Questions
17.20 10 Preview of June course Mr Lindsay Muir
17.30 10 Introduction to Saturday Mr Lindsay Muir
17.40 Close


Saturday 3 February

Rotation between the following stations; each station 40 minutes; 10 minute gap to ensure smooth progression
08.00 CP cases Mr Dean Boyce, Miss Catherine Hernon
08.50 CVA and tetraplegia cases Miss Gill Smith, Mr Simon Pickard
09.40 Simple flexor tendon cases Professor Jin Bo Tang, Mr Thomas Giesen
10.20 Coffee and refreshments
10.50 Flexor tendon/ serious hand injury cases Miss Grainne Bourke, Miss Emily West
11.40 Secondary reconstruction cases after flexor injury Mr Fortune Iwuagwu, Mr Anuj Mishra
12.30 Extensor tendon cases Mr Mark Pickford, Mr Rob Winterton
13.10 Lunch
14.10 Intrinsics: examination and understanding Mr Donald Sammut, Dr Caroline Leclercq
15.00 Tenolysis and skin problem cases Mr Anuj Mishra
15.40 Close